The 2nd edition of Practical Guide for SAP® Security

The 2nd Edition of the Practical Guide for SAP® Security is
now available as e-book for free download.

Your kind feedback mails that I have received over time
[and hopefully responded to ;-)]
have definitely encouraged me to continue.

As promised I have added now a few more chapters [EP, BI, HR]
and significantly updated the How to Chapter.

The following 8 Chapters are provided:

1. Introduction to the general authorization concept of SAP®
2. Detail view: Components of the authorization concept   
3. Basic mode of operations
4. Evaluation tools
5. How to and background information [updated and extended]
6. Enterprise Portal [NEW]
7. BI [NEW]
8. HR [NEW]

publish: e-book, online
covergraphic: Dirk Kirchner

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