Transaction STAUTHTRACE – enhanced authorization analysis

Transaction STAUTHTRACE is a specific version of transaction ST22 focusing on
authorization analysis.
The transaction was introduced mid of 2011.
The trace reads the information on the respective server you are logged on.

With OSS 1707841 you can enhance the functionality so that either a
system-wide  or a server specific evaluation is executable.
In the corresponding selection criteria for “Trace Options”,
the trace can be activated for one or all users.
In addition it is possible to just activate the trace for errors.


The evaluation allows selecting one or multiple users for a specific time frame,
transaction or even authorization object with exclusion of duplicate entries.

The basic control options are incorporated as displayed here.


The evaluation results can be displayed as an easy to read ALV list.


The following authorization check results are available:



With OSS 1745172 the results of the trace can even be imported during the SU24 maintenance.

As per OSS 1631929 (prerequisites are either support package SAPKB70211
or support package SAPKB70210), the trace results can also be copied in
transaction PFCG into the role menu (Copy Menus -> Import from Trace).
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