How to customize an AR form for AC10


How to customize an AC10 access request form

The Access Request (AR) form can be called via the NWBC -->
Access Management --> Access Request


The individual fields in this form can be customized.

To do this - go to the IMG (transaction SPRO)-->Governance, Risk
and Compliance -->Access Control-->User Provisioning -->
Maintain End User Personalization

Mark the line entry (Default):


Double-click onto “Maintain EUP Fields” on the left:


It is possible to define “Default” values that will populate the
AR form when called.
Fields can be set as “Mandatory” (Yes or No).
Fields defined as mandatory should of course be set to “Visible” (Yes).   
The “Editable” status can be set to Yes, No, or Yes, if data is missing.   

Please be aware that the User Data Sources can directly
interact with the pre-population of the respective fields.


The User Search Data Source as well as the User Detail Data Source
is defined in SPRO--> Governance, Risk and Compliance-->
Access Control-->Maintain Data Sources Configuration.   

For data sources such as LDAP the corresponding fields need to be
mapped to AC fields, group parameters need to be assigned, too.
This can be done in SPRO--> Governance, Risk and Compliance -->
 Access Control--> Maintain Mapping for Actions and Connector Groups.   


The AR form can pull the user relevant data from the data source,
and by setting a form field to Yes, if data is missing
the field will only be open for editing, if the connected data source does
not contain any information for the field.
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