The 2nd Edition of the Practical Guide for SAP® Security is
now available as e-book for free download.

Your kind feedback mails that I have received over time
[and hopefully responded to ;-)]
have definitely encouraged me to continue.

As promised I have added now a few more chapters [EP, BI, HR]
and significantly updated the How to Chapter.

The following 8 Chapters are provided:

1. Introduction to the general authorization concept of SAP®
2. Detail view: Components of the authorization concept   
3. Basic mode of operations
4. Evaluation tools
5. How to and background information [updated and extended]
6. Enterprise Portal [NEW]
7. BI [NEW]
8. HR [NEW]

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.
Please feel free to send me a mail.

This book is free for download, see attachments .

Let's meet at SAPinsider's Streamline access control:
SAP GRC 10.x upgrade seminar this fall.

This 2.5 day event will provide leading strategies for implementing and upgrading to the latest version of SAP® Access Control.

We’ll be visiting the following three cities :

Chicago, September 17-19, 2014
Philadelphia, October 6-8, 2014
Amsterdam, December 8-10, 2014

Hier steht Ihnen der Praxisleitfaden für SAP® CO
zum kostenfreien Download zusammengefasst zur Verfügung.
Wir freuen uns Ihnen einen kleinen Webshop
anbieten zu können, der es Ihnen ermöglicht, die von Ihnen
so häufig angefragten Bücher:

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nunmehr käuflich zu erwerben.

Hier gelangen Sie zu unserem eBook Webshop.

For all English speaking vistors:

I have to apologize but the two books are currently not available
in English.
As soon as they are available, there will be a separate announcement.

Thanks for your patience,
Marie-Luise Wagener


June 11th - June 13th in Amsterdam

Top technical tips and tricks for your SAP solutions for GRC implementation or upgrade

Meet us in the Solution center or at the Ask the Expert session.

Looking forward to talk to you!


NOTES April 2013

GRC Sizing Help

In the attached spreadsheet you can find an example on
how to potentially size a GRC 10.0 system.

Fill in either the cells with the custom information,
or else select the high level numbers from the "Selection" column.


Transaction STAUTHTRACE – enhanced authorization analysis

Transaction STAUTHTRACE is a specific version of transaction ST22 focusing on
authorization analysis.
The transaction was introduced mid of 2011.
The trace reads the information on the respective server you are logged on.

With OSS 1707841 you can enhance the functionality so that either a
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